About Us

Bronzilla Sheppard owner of Godly & Life's Expressions Welcome to Godly & Life's Expressions. Hi, I am Bronzilla Sheppard, owner of Godly & Life's Expressions. I have worked in retail for over 37 years and I believe that people love to wear Christian clothing that shows their personality, emotions and expressions of how they feel. I come from a religious back ground and I notice you can't buy really good looking religious clothing that is fun, urban and trendy in regular retail stores. Nor can you buy good looking African American meaningful designs. So, I thought if I'm having this problem finding what I want that other people are too.

The method of apparel printing we do is called direct-to-garment, a process that is also eco-friendly in nature. The water-based ink that we use on all shirts is made by suspending a 100% biodegradable pigment into a water base. It is made of 100% naturally occurring substances

On the other hand, most apparel brands use a process called screen printing which uses ink containing toxic chemicals such as PVC and phthalates. 

I add new t-shirts to my store two to three times a week. Check back often to see what I do add. I aimed to please and to make this one of your top spots to shop.